Telephone Banking



Citizens Bank of Edmond offers a 24-hour, 7-day a week automated phone banking and information system. Our system allows you to check your accounts, make transfers between accounts and check our current savings and CD rates. All this can be accomplished using any phone anytime.

When dialing in for the first time, Telebanker will ask for your account, then your Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is initially your SSN or TIN. You will be prompted to change your PIN number to a four to six (4-6) digit number of your choice for your protection and security.

The Telebanker menu will guide you through a series of selections allowing you access to your account.

Telebanker Menu Options:

  • Press 1 for account balances
  • Press 2 for account history
  • Press 3 to transfer funds
  • Press 4 for ATM/debit card services
  • Press 5 for interest rates
  • Press 6 for bank information
  • Press 7 to change your Telebanker pin


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